José Gregorio Lezama González

Front-End & UX Dev | Full-Stack | Web Mobile


About Me

I'm a passionate developer and coffee lover, from Vargas, Venezuela. Living in Santiago de Chile, Chile.

With experience in back-end and front-end. I am interested in learning new technologies, always following the best practices of each new language and framework. I enjoy front-end development, and work for good details and a good user experience. Also, I enjoy working in back-end, in fact, I really like work full-stack. I find the new CSS / JavaScript tools and Frameworks like Bootstrap, Bower, Grunt, Sass, Ionic, etc marvellous. but I'm a fan of classic tools like git, emacs, etc.

This is What I Do

Work Experience

During the last 3 years, I have been working as Web Developer or Full-Stack Developer, but always oriented to Front-End. I really enjoy working improving UX and small details. I have worked with Sass, RESTful APIS, AngularJS, Ionic, Backend Frameworks like RoR or Django, and more. Also, I like I+D and helping people in their work, so, I worked as Scrum Mater and Technical Lead, reaching results, teaching people and finding new tools to improve our team environment.

You can see or download, in a more traditional version, My Resume in English or in Spanish.



Computer Engineering | Sep 2007 - Nov 2015

I'm a Computer Engineer from USB (Simón Bolívar University).

Some Courses

Code School | JavaScript Path
1., 2. & 3. JavaScript Road Trip (1, 2 & 3), 4.JavaScript Best Practices, 5.Try Jquery, 6.jQuery: Return of the Flight, 7.Shaping Up with Angular.js, 8.Realtime Web with Node.js, 9.Building Blocks of Express.js, and 10.CoffeeScript
English Course | Present
At least, 1 hour and a half per week day.
Code School | Other Paths
1. Try Git, 2. Try Ruby, 3. Rails for Zombies Redux, 4. & 5. Assembling Sass (1 & 2), 6. Blasting Off with Bootstrap, and 7. Fundamentals of Design

You can see more courses and others activities, related to Web, Robotics, AI & AR in Extra Activities






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If you wanna know more about me, you can leave a comment, or write me an email. Also, you can find me in the internet, usually as josegLEGO.

in/joseglego joseglego [email protected] Santiago de Chile, Chile
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